Meet Dee Moore

Creator & Founder of "Fashionable And Thick", "The Dorcas Collection", "Glamour Glitz & Curves" and the Author of

"Life Support of the Curvy Female".

The Dorcas Collection was established in 2016 to showcase in the "Glamour Glitz and Curves" Fashion Showcase with the purpose of showing that the larger female can wear latest in fashion or have attire customized to fit their personal style and not the way society dictates the plus size female should dress. Curated by Dee Moore and inspired by a combination of high fashion, new street trends, and custom creations The Dorcas Collection By Dee Moore has a large selection of retail items at a fair price as well as styling packages to fit your needs. 512-588-3398

Houston, TX, USA


Since 2016, we’ve provided customers with convenient services for all their needs. Through all the extra perks reserved for our shoppers, The Dorcas Collection By Dee Moore is committed to helping make your life easier. Due to the nature of our service which involves time consumption and custom creations to fit your budget and style, every effort will be taken to make sure YOU the customer is satisfied. There are no refunds or exchanges offered at this time.

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