Styling Packages

Styling Packages

Confidence is the best investment that you can make in your life - personally & professionally. What are you giving up by not walking daily in that confidence?


Be it a photo shoot, or fashion event we are glad to assist.

Please contact us via email with your inquires, to futher discuss a package that fits your needs.  Offering packages with or with out the collection.


**Please go to the "Booking Online Section"**


    Houston, TX, USA


    Since 2016, we’ve provided customers with convenient services for all their needs. Through all the extra perks reserved for our shoppers, The Dorcas Collection By Dee Moore is committed to helping make your life easier. Due to the nature of our service which involves time consumption and custom creations to fit your budget and style, every effort will be taken to make sure YOU the customer is satisfied. There are no refunds or exchanges offered at this time.

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